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At ITACS, we are certain that our customers get the best technologically updated products.

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ITACS Communications LLC was established in 2007 as an IT infrastructure & Solutions company.

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ITACS Communications

A firm's IT infrastructure is composed of hardware, software, data management technology.

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It is our mission to provide a superior level of personal attention to each person who knocks our door.

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IT Infrastructure Implementation and Commissioning

IT infrastructure failures and service disruptions not only affect daily operations, it can severely impact your business. Reliable infrastructures that provide both operational excellence and the flexibility to respond to an enterprise’s strategic changes can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber safety and security is just one part of the wider field of information protection, which additionally covers physical assets and hazards, and people-related factors.

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Security Video Surveillance System installation and configuration

CCTV installation is the most cost effective way to monitor, protect and secure your property against vandalism, theft and accidental damage with well-designed surveillance systems. Though there are many types of security devices on the market, well designed surveillance systems are both a preventative measure and a tool for recourse in the event of your theft or damage.

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